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Ancient Multigrain Bread

Product Weight (grams)
Multigrain Ancient Grain Bread Mix 1000g
Fresh Yeast 10g
Liquid Levain 200g
Water 700g
Second water 30g
Total 1940g

Mix all ingredients in a Spiral Mixer: 4 Low speed + 5/6 medium speed + second water + 2 min low speed

1st fermentation: 1 hour

Dividing: 750g

Resting: 20 min

Shaping: square loaf

Proofing: 60 minutes at 25°C and 80%RH

Baking: Pre-heat oven at 250°C, bake at 235°C for 35 min

wheat field


Straight Process Raw Frozen
Product Weight (grams) Weight % Weight (grams) Weight %
Bread Flour 100g 100% 100g 100%
Sugar 120g 12% 120g 12%
Salt 20g 2% 20g 2%
Fresh Yeast 50g 5% 60g 6%
Water(15% ice) 250g 25% 250g 53%
Butter 50g 5% 50g 5%
Milk 260g 26%
Liquid Levain 45g 4.5%
CL Croissant 1% 10g 1%
Addigerm CV 380 20g 2%
Total 1825g 100% 100%
wheat field

Mixing: 3 mn S1 + 10 mn S2

1st fermentation: none

Dividing: from 1785 to 2000 gr

Resting: 10 mn in blast freezer

Folding: Incorporate 500 gr of butter. Give a double folding. Rest in the freezer for 10 mns and give a single folding.

Shaping: 70 gr croissant

For Raw Frozen: place in blast freezer then keep in plastic bag in holding freezer.


Straight process: 90 minutes at 25 Degrees Celsius and 75%RH.

Raw Frozen process: 2 hours and half at 25 degrees and 75%RH.

Baking: Rack oven at 170°C for 19 minutes.


Product Brioche Loaf (grams) Weight % Brioche Bun (grams) Weight %
Bread Flour 1000g 100% 1000g 100%
Salt 20g 2% 20g 2%
Sugar 200g 20% 200g 20%
Butter 350g 35% 100g 10%
Fresh Whole Eggs 150g 15% 100g 10%
Water 400g 40%
Addigerm Brioche Extra 3% 30g 3%
CI Brioche 4% 40g 4%
Fresh Yeast 50g 5% 50 6%
Total Dough 2210g 1500g
wheat field

Mixing (in planetary mixer)

Brioche Loaf: 4 Mn low speed + 8 mn medium speed
Incorporate butter
5 min Low Speed + 6 min medium Speed

Brioche Bun: 4 min low speed + 10/12 min medium speed

1st fermentation

Brioche loaf: 30 minutes

Brioche bun: none


Brioche loaf: 450g

Brioche bun: 80g


Brioche loaf: 30 minutes

Brioche bun: none


Brioche loaf: loaf pan mould

Brioche bun: rounded and bumn mould


Brioche loaf: 1.30 hour at 25°C and 75% RH

Brioche bun: 60 minutes at 35°C and 90% RH


Brioche loaf: 160°C for 30 minutes

Brioche bun: 170°C for 16 minutes

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